Who is the fittest athlete in Southeast Texas? Is it a local power lifter working out at your gym or in his/her garage? Is it someone you know that body builds? Someone who does CrossFit?

Could it be a local high school or college football player or middle aged endurance athlete who is also strong, powerful, agile, and fast? Who do you think is the area’s best pound for pound and all-around?

On October 8th, Sports Society for American Health will host its 35th event – Iron Games at Ford Park in Beaumont, TX! Featuring power lifting, Olympic lifting, functional fitness metcon, and the Roughneck. The Roughneck debuted at the Exygon & Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon and Kinsel Ford 5K and will feature new events at the Iron Games! Go for overall and compete in all events, take on the scaled version and complete the Roughneck and functional fitness metcon or challenge yourself in any of the individual disciplines!

There a 5 competitions that will run concurrently.

1.) Powerlifting
2.) Olympic Weightlifting
3.) Roughneck (Strongman)
4.) Functional Fitness (combines the Roughneck with a metcon)
5.) Iron Games Overall (combines all of the above events)

Athletes have the option to compete in a single event or those that are interested in testing themselves in all events, will compete in the Iron Games Overall.

The powerlifting and olympic weightlifting competitions are raw, non-sanctioned events. No lifting suits are required.

Iron Games Overall competitors will go through each competition in the order listed above.

Each athlete will get 3 attempts at each lift. The order will be
1. Back Squat
2. Bench
3. Deadlift
IPF Rules will apply (minus the suits). All athletes will be required to submit their opening weight at the time of registration however, changes can be made on measurement/weigh-in day, Friday, October 7th.
Male and Female athletes will compete only against others in their weight class but may be lifting with athletes from a higher or lower weight class. The weights on the bar will start at the first starting weight submitted by an athlete and increase until the heaviest lifter has completed their 3rd attempt.
After the athlete successfully completes their first lift, they (or their coach) will notify the judges of 2nd attempted weight. If lift is successful, the lifter will choose their 3rd weight attempt. If an athlete selects a weight and fails at it, they can not go backwards and attempt a lighter weight.
The top 3 male & female lifters with the highest total in each weight class will be recognized.

This competition will begin approximately 1 hour after the first group of powerlifters complete the deadlift.
Each athlete will get 3 attempts at each lift. The order will be:
1. Snatch
2. Clean & Jerk
IWF rules will apply.
Same format at the powerlifting competition.

The Roughneck competition will run all day and feature 5 different challenges. Athletes will be pulling, pushing, and carrying lots of heavy things across the arena. Athletes not competing in the Powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting events will start the Roughneck at approximately 9:00am.
Scoring will be based on strength exhibited relative to bodyweight. Therefore, a male athlete weighing 185 pounds that moves the same weight the same distance as a 205 pound athlete will be ranked higher.

Athletes that sign up for the Functional Fitness competition will also complete the challenges in the Roughneck competition. The Roughneck challenges will be completed first and all Functional Fitness athletes (Overall and solo), will begin the Functional Fitness competition at the same time. This will be the event finally.
Similar to the Roughneck, we will use the athletes bodyweight and anthropometric data to calculate total Power Output for the tests. Athletes will be ranked by total power produced over the endurance event.
Athletes should be prepared for anything. This workout will not be revealed until the day of the competition. All athletes will complete the entire workout. If there are high skill movements being tested, there will be an option to complete a scaled movement instead. Athletes completing the workout as prescribed will be ranked higher than any athlete that must choose a scaled movement in order to keep going.

The total prize pool for the event will be at least $10,000. The Iron Games Overall Male and Female champion will receive $1,000 each. Cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st place finishers in each event & weight class. These awards will be announced on competition day as final sponsorship numbers. The more sponsors the event are able to get the higher the prize pool.


Anyone interested in sponsoring the event should contact:

Are you ready to see how your fitness measures up against Southeast Texas’ competitors? Get signed up today. Registration will be capped at 300 total athletes in all events. Register here

Spectator tickets will be available at your local gym or at the door and are only $5.

Visit the Facebook page for more details and updates!

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