A Simple Word with a Difficult Meaning…

...Change Not everyone knows, Xander was moved to another school within the district this new school year to make room for all the Life Skills kids. The district wanted to split the class and there wasn't enough room for two Life Skills classrooms at his previous school so the district created a second classroom at... Continue Reading →

YMCA Mardi Gras 5K/1K-Port Arthur

This race is an out and back starting and finishing at the Carl Parker Multipurpose Center where participants run a mile and a half down along the seawall to the turnaround and back to the finish. This was my second race of the year, just a week after finishing my first ultra marathon...whaaa!!! I hadn't planned... Continue Reading →

The Chosen

As I lay here with my son Xander, as many of my followers know is affected by autism - I read through posts of friends and families who are also affected and they feel as if they are all alone fighting alone. It saddens me to know that they feel alone when they're not. I've... Continue Reading →

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