Quit Making Excuses…

The most common reason people don’t stay healthy is because they have some kind of lame excuse preventing them from doing so. Fact is, strength training is one of the BEST things you can do to strengthen yourself physically and mentally, so by making useless excuses as to why you need to skip the gym... Continue Reading →


IPL World Championships: My Third Powerlifting Meet

Back in August 2018, I competed in my second powerlifting meet with United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) at Bayou Border Bash that was hosted by Lake Charles Powerlifting in Beaumont. I had originally planned not to do another meet until December when I compete in Orange at the Lifting Spirits Invitational.Competing at World was not... Continue Reading →

Discount Codes

As an AprilontheRun follower, you'll find special discounts listed below with the companies and/or businesses that I am affiliated. JUSTSTRONG - Code: APRILONTHERUN10 LiveSore - Code: LIVESOREFAM AlterEgo Fitness - Code: AprilontheRun WOD Bottom - Code: April15

Rush the Gush 2017

My Gusher experience this year was like no other! It was a week long adventure and was nothing more then amazing! I spent the week leading up to the Gusher Marathon volunteering my time to help where needed; whether it be with loading, unloading, getting supplies, putting signs out, packet pickup, packet stuffing, mile marker... Continue Reading →

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