YMCA Port Arthur Indoor Triathlon

Have you ever done an indoor triathlon? It's amazing what a few runs with the Mid-County Run Club will do for you! I started doing some of my track workouts with MCRC on Thursdays and was quickly persuaded into doing a triathlon; actually my first ever triathlon. Swimming is my weakest point so the thought... Continue Reading →

Gusher 2016 Triple Threat

I had originally planned to run the half marathon and do the 10k cycling time trial this year until I received word that they were adding a fitness event. They added a fitness challenge called the Roughneck. I was intrigued by the challenge and changed my entire race day plan to do not two events... Continue Reading →

Brazos Bend 50

Running for a purpose for Team Xander in what I call my first "REAL" trail race today! Brazos Bend 50 (25K) was a great first 25K experience. It was a great race with snakes, gators, thunder, lightning, high winds, pouring rain, hail, muddy wet trails and the people I call family. The best part of... Continue Reading →

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