Gusher 2016 Triple Threat


I had originally planned to run the half marathon and do the 10k cycling time trial this year until I received word that they were adding a fitness event. They added a fitness challenge called the Roughneck. I was intrigued by the challenge and changed my entire race day plan to do not two events but three. I registered for the Kinsel Ford 5k, the Roughneck challenge and the 40k Cycling Time Trial. I actually considered this to be my version of a triathlon!

Texas Beef Team Triple Threat


Coming from mid-county, I left early enough to have plenty of time to mingle, video and take pictures before the marathon and half marathon runners took off at the start. I was actually a bit disappointed that I wasn’t running the half but I got to cheer on my fellow GTStrutters who were.

GTStrutters Marathon Start Photo Credit: Steve Buser

Kinsel Ford 5K

The 5k started at 8am sharp and I made my way to the start line about ten minutes prior so that I could get somewhere near the front without being stuck right smack dab in the middle of the crowd. I managed to get somewhere in between the two. I started out way faster then I had intended but that seems to always be an issue for me on race day and I suffered a little in mile 2 with a side stitch that would not go away. I picked up my pace the best I could in mile to the finish with a finish time of 28:55. Certainly not my best 5k race time but considering what I had on the agenda for the duration of my day, I was pleasantly happy with my time. I placed 11th in my AG and 42nd overall female. My 5k Team placed 2nd in teams! Woohoo! Now on to the next event…ROUGHNECK!



Roughneck Challenge


I’m not quiet sure what I was thinking by signing myself up for this challenge under then I wanted a challenge. I was one of the first group of ladies to start. Five two minute challenges back to back…

The Steel Press was the first challenge and I had attempted this at packet pickup when we had the chance to try it out and I was not at all confident with it then, nor was I now. 65lbs of solid steel pressing for two minutes. I could barely get one rep at the test run through but I manged to struggle to get seven reps out the day of so I was a bit surprised. It’s so nerve raking to me for everyone to be staring at you while you’re trying to concentrate on from and it shouldn’t feel that way but it did to me. Next up…

The Flip (Tire) Challenge although I was tired and completely exhausted by this point, I’ve done Spartan races in the pass and was very familiar with the tire flip and what strategy I needed to use. I noticed a lot of the women were going side to side with their flips rather the flip over flip straight down to the opposite end. I found it less time consuming to do flip over flip so that’s what I did and I finished 39 tire flips. Next up…

The Cone Carry was next…piece of cake! The idea here was strategy but also not to kill myself or injure myself at the same time. Not as easy at it seemed or as easy as some made it look. I started with 4-5 cones at first then went to 5-7 cones at once from one end to the other. I carried 23 cones from one end to the other in the two minutes we were allowed and I was exhausted but on to the next..

Rope Pull definitely was not my best and I’ll say it fell in the same category as the steel press did because it was not pretty. I struggled so badly to dragged a huge tire from point A to point B and I actually slipped busting my a$$ as well as ripping the rubber off the bottom of my shoes from my ground grip. I gave it all 110lbs of what I had to pull that monster of a tire the 24 feet that I did. Next but not least…

The Wheelbarrow Haul is fun stuff loading bags of sand in a wheelbarrow then hauling it to the opposite end unload it all and go back to the opposite end and do it all over again. I believe I was only able to load and unload seven sandbags. I must say, exhausted is an understatement to how I really felt when I finished but I still had one more event before calling it a day…Cycling Time Trial 40k here I come!!!

Roughneck Results: 6th Place (dead last) in my category

Cycling Time Trial 40K

The last event of the day…thank you sweet baby Jesus!!! I was actually a few minutes late getting to the start line of the time trial due to some minor bike issues so I was penalized three minutes or so if I remember correctly. This is my first EVER time trial or cycling event. I know right, what was I thinking!?!

I got to the start and rather then starting on the ramp, I asked if I could start from the side because I just was not comfortable enough with the ramp. The 40k was 4 loops which were eight long stretches back and forth.

Photo Credit: Tim Storbeck

Since this was the first time I was riding this course, I had asked a few friends who knew the course how it was to which I got a reply, “oh it’s flat and fast!” Sweet! Hmmm yea, thanks for forgetting to mention the hills…ahem…Ramiro! LOL

I felt pretty good during the first two loops even with the hills but felt myself slowing down in the third loop. Tim Storbeck was out on the course taking pictures of all the cyclists and cheering us all on.

Photo Credit: Tim Storbeck

Coming in from my third loop I felt super tired and dehydrated. As I passed Tim going out on my last loop, he shouted “how are you feeling?” and I said “I feel dehydrated”. Needless to say I didn’t have any water with me and I truly didn’t think I’d need it. Man was I wrong! The last loop was the loneliness loop because I was the last one to finish. There was no one else on the course except me but I was ever so thankful that my day was over and that I could relax.

Results: Cycling Time Trial 40k

I finished my 40k dead last in 8th in my category with a time of 1:44:43. I guess it’s not too bad a time for someone who did two events prior and it being the first cycling event I’ve done. I did make Gusher history though..first one to do all three events! WOOHOO! That to me is a great accomplishment in itself and something to be proud to own!


I’m looking forward to 2017 but I’ll be doing things a bit differently then. The Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon & Kinsel Ford 5k are set for March 4, 2017. Register  for Gusher here!

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