BASF TOTAL Petrochemical Live United 5k/1K

GTS, CMC, MCRC and CMBCR representing

In my last blog post, I stated that my next race following the Toughest 10K Galveston would be the Pleasure Island Bridge 10K…well I’m a runner who forgot there was a local 5K race within minutes of my house! 😂

Last minute, I had decided to go ahead with running Live United 5K. I mean, I hadn’t really been working on improving my 5K time during my training runs on Mondays and Wednesdays with the GTStrutters group for no reason! I wanted to put myself to the test and set a new 5K race PR as well as place in my age group. That was my ultimate goal. I wasn’t running just to run, I was running to race. The last 5K race I did was the Sabine Causeway 5K back in August, finishing in 29:58. Not a horrible finish time for a bridge run but it wasn’t a time that I was happy with myself about. Today was a time of redemption!


The race location, Port Neches Riverfront Park was about five minutes from home so unlike with previous races, I didn’t have to wake up at 3 a.m. to get ready and drive an hour or more to. The race was scheduled to start at 8 a.m. and I arrived about 7:15 a.m. with plenty of time to park and check things out. I knew a lot of my running group friends from GTS, CMC, MCRC and CMBCR would be running as well so I spent my time finding them and taking some pre-race selfies and group pictures before the start.

The Queen and I

1K Kids Race

Like most local 5K races I’ve done, there’s a kids race involved but they usually start after the 5K runners/walkers have finished. This particular 1K kids race started first, 8 a.m. sharp. I was really happy to see that they did the kids race first because most times when they’re done after the 5K everyone is scattered around and or making their way back home and the kids are left with very little if any support crossing the finish line. I watched each kid, even some parents and teachers run and it was so much fun cheering them on as they came into the final stretch of the finish line and emoional. Some had smiles, some had determined and focused faces, some were hurting and some were just happy to be there seeing everyone cheering for them. Some of those kids are fast! The top male finished in 6:32 and the top female in 7:36.  It was definitely a great way to kick off the morning and the start of my race.

Start of the Kids 1K Race

5K Race {my race}

The timing director from Cajun Timing called for the 5K runners/walkers to line up at the start line with the elite runners in front followed by the runners who were running a 20-25 minute 5K. Everyone else was to follow behind at the end so that they wouldn’t be trampled by the faster runners. I usually start behind those 20-25 minute runners and work my way up but not today! Today I was with that group of runners and proud. I was determined and I had a goal to reach! In among us were a group of 10-14 year old kids that the timing director had asked to move towards the back and they refused several times saying they could run a 20 minute 5K. I never judge anyone’s expectations for themselves but you have to be realistic.

Start of the 5K Race

8:31 a.m. I was off and running. I started out too fast (7:30/M) as always but I felt good and comfortable but I wanted to run at an 8:00/M so I slowed myself down a little and I didn’t do a pace check again until after I passed the one mile road marker and water station (7:53/M). I was running at an 8:00/M pace til I got to 1.5 miles when a group of seven kids decided that they’d just stop dead in their tracks right in front of me causing me to almost kiss the ground. Not cool! I did my best to recover and get back to my pace but I had dropped about a minute in pace due to it, did another pace check as I passed the 2 mile road maker (8:59/M) which worried me and I started getting in my head doubting whether or not I’d reach my goal. After a couple of minutes of going back and forth in my head, I started telling myself out loud (yes, out loud) “quit looking at your damn watch and just run.” So I decided to just run and do my best to try to make up the time I had lost. Mile 2.5, about the time I got back on track with my pace the same group of kids were back sprinting cutting across in front of everyone, almost tripping me as they cut across in front of me causing me to have to weave around them. My pace was getting slower little by little because of it. I told myself several times, “you can do this”, “run run run”, “NO EXCUSES!” So, I got out of my head and ran. 100 yards to go to the finish line, I gave it my all and sprinted like my life depended on it. I went into this race with a goal and I didn’t want to have any excuses as to why I didn’t reach it. Ultimately, it would be my fault if I failed. As I came into the “finisher’s chute” everyone was cheering and I heard someone scream, “GO APRIL!” My stride was strong, my lungs burning and I thought for sure I was going to puke crossing that finish line (good thing I didn’t eat breakfast). I stopped my watch and walked off my nausea for a good five minutes before doing anything else.

Coming into the finish STRONG & DETERMINED!

Post-Race & Awards

After pulling myself together, I was off to find my friends and some water. I didn’t want even think about food at this point. Once I found everyone that had finished, we waited by the finisher’s chute to cheer everyone else across the finish line to their victories. Awards began about 10 a.m. starting with the kids race. Our friend, Dr. Lisa Chambers’ (aka “Queen”) school won a $2000 scholarship for having the most kids participate in the race. Congratulations Lisa!

Dr. Lisa Chambers, Tyrrell Elementary won a $2000 Scholarship
Christy, Melissa, Jamie, Melody, Shannon and I
Jerome and I

I finished with a time of 26:38 placing 2nd in my AG and finishing 8th Overall Female. I’m super proud of my finish time (it’s a PR) and my placement.

2nd Place AG & 8th Overall Female

Looking forward to my next race, the Pleasure Island Bridge 10K on November 7th. Will I see you there?

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