SHOE REVEIW: Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

Getting ready to run a 3 miler at the social run

Every month our local running shoe store, On the Run – Beaumont has a social run. They bring in different shoe reps each month and  do a raffle for those who participate in the run and try out the shoes. This gives everyone a chance to test wear a shoe during their run that they wouldn’t normally be able to. Mizuno just so happened to be the rep for August and I was ecstatic because I’m a Mizuno runner. I was one of two participants who won a free pair of Mizunos!!!

On the Run – Beaumont Store Manager, Randy Becker, Mizuno rep, Mark and I

As an ultra runner and neutral shoe runner who has been running in the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2, I was super excited to hear about the June release of the Wave Sayonara 4. I knew after winning the raffle that I was ready for an upgrade. Although afraid to go from one shoe that really worked for me that I own several pairs of to another, I chose the Blue depths – electric green color which are a perfect match for my OAR racing singlet. I hoped that they felt as good as they looked because they weren’t the shoes I had test wore on my run. I loved the Sayonara 2 and the Mizuno rep assured me that the Sayonara 4 would not disappoint. I had to wait a little over a week for them to arrive!

It’s a great day when new kicks arrive!!!

First stroll in the Wave Sayonara 4 was a two mile walk on the trails. I wanted to make sure that they felt good before actually taking a run in them. I was pretty pleased with the feel of them on the trails although they’re a road shoe. I was surprised with how comfortable they were on the rocky trail.

Wave Sayonara 4

After running a semi-long 6 mile road run and a road 5K bridge tempo training run in them, I’m still not disappointed. The Wave Sayonara 4 is a lightweight shoe best suited for neutral runners with a spring like feel thanks to Mizuno‘s Parallel Wave Plate running through a new mid-sole compound called U4ic which is lighter then the previous foam for a nice quick turnover for those faster runs and has enough oomph for everyday training. The plate is designed to absorb the impact from striking and take that impact through the mid-sole. This provides a structured feel to the bottom of the shoe. With that being said, I felt much more supported by the shoe than many other lightweight, neutral shoes.

Sabine Causeway Bridge – Texas to Louisiana Statelines

Compared to the previous versions of the Wave Sayonara, the Sayonara 4 seems more durable and more resistant to quick wear on the out-sole. During my runs, I loved the versatility of the shoe as I felt fast during my steady run as well as supported and cushioned during my long run. The neutral ride and natural heel to toe transition through my stride felt great.

The Sayonara 4 fits perfectly around the mid-foot and extended into a slightly wider toe box, which I loved. After having this shoe on, this fit has a more universal foot platform than the Sayonara 2, I previously ran in. The lightweight fit (7.2oz for women and 8.6oz for men) is certainly a huge benefit!

As someone who has been running in this shoe for two and a half years, I love the update! Mizuno managed to maintain that ground contact feel while still providing the cushioning and spring response of this shoe. If you are looking for a lighter weight option for some of those speed workouts or training runs, then look no further. The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 is a MUST try!

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 retails $110.00 and are available online through MizunoUSA in women’s size 6-11 and men’s size 8-13.

If you’re a Mizuno runner and/or have tested this shoe, feel free to comment below!


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